Social and Community Access Support

Participating in your local community is a vital part of life as it involves learning, interaction and engagement with the wider world. It helps boost confidence, improve communication and create genuine new connections and friends within your community.

This is why Komplete Abilities provides community access support. Our support team and coordinators will help provide information and connections on a wide array of local activity programs that will challenge and enhance each participant's indolence whilst making them more of a part of their community.


Social & Community Participation

Our team can assist with the following community-based social programs:

  • Activity support
  • Social Support
  • Assist in finding a specific activity

For some ideas on exploring new things within the community, we can help:

  • Joining and attending outings and social groups
  • Finding activities like movies, bowling, or even whole day trips
  • Attending community events
  • Exploring a new hobby

Why Complete Abilities?

There are many reasons why so many families work with us all across Adelaide
Person-Centred Approach

Each NDIS plan is individually tailored to the individual, we treat each participant as an individual with no all-encompassing approach.

We Aim for Independence

One of the goals within our care is to identify and strengthen any skills each participant has, as well as teaching a range of crucial life skills which can lead to a more happy and independent life.


With the guidance of a carefully and individually structured NDIS plan, we work with each participant to reach their goals in a patient and encouraging manner


Our support workers know how difficult some challenges can be, but we never forget that goals aren’t achieved without patience and understanding.


Our staff are passionate about providing high standards of care and working within strict Australian care codes, with a kind and understanding approach.


All our support staff have extensive knowledge and experience working with NDIS participants and clients.


All Komplete Abilities support staff hold a minimum of Certificate III Individual Support, as well as holding an NDIS and childcare clearance.

All our support workers have NDIS and Child Clearance certifications. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support your existing support, then don’t hesitate to give us a call to set up an initial meeting which is entirely free (many other companies charge for this service alone).


What are the benefits of community access?

This is a huge part of many NDIS support plans for many participants. The benefits of feeling part of the community or a group are huge in making swift progress toward your goals and achieving greater independent living for any participant.
Being involved in groups or more varied activities enhances learning, aids in sustaining long-term relationships, and greater independence that enables each participant to connect more deeply on many fundamental aspects of day-to-day living

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Komplete Abilities provides a service built on trust and we believe in long-lasting care relationships.

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