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The first step in getting the support you need is to give Komplete Abilities a call and arrange a free (yes, free! Many companies charge $60 an hour or more for this service alone) appointment we like to call a meet-and-greet. This allows us to get to know you and your potential participant more and gives us a good idea if we are a good match and able to provide services to achieve your current NDIS goals for your potential NDIS requirements and one of our support workers. Our key focus is allowing you to choose your support team.


Preparation For NDIS Funding

There are many things you can do to help you prepare for your NDIS review meeting. Of course, if you are feeling overwhelmed and confused we are here to help assist you through this process but there is no harm in being prepared by knowing a little more about how NDIS. If you have Support Coordinator as apart of your budget, we can assist with understanding your NDIS plan, how to use it and to get the services you require to achieve your goals. However, if you do not have support coordination as apart of your plan we can discuss how we would be able to achieve this.

Useful NDIS Info

Once you think you are ready to talk to us, just give us a call to schedule your free meet-and-greet where we can take the following steps together and answer some of the questions you must have after looking at some of the NDIS info.


Long And Short Term Goals

A usual NDIS support plan will encompass achievable long and short-term goals. These goals will be planned for each individual participant and Komplete Abilities support care will help you reach those goals, whatever they may be.

Individual goals can consist of things like getting out and about in Adelaide’s community, participating in sports or being able to travel either assisted or unassisted. Goals are not only achieved, but we will teach the skills to maintain them long-term, improving each participant's quality of life greatly.

Read more about support coordination here.


Why Complete Abilities?

There are many reasons why so many families work with us all across Adelaide
Person-Centred Approach

Each NDIS plan is individually tailored to the individual, we treat each participant as an individual with no all-encompassing approach.

We Aim for Independence

One of the goals within our care is to identify and strengthen any skills each participant has, as well as teaching a range of crucial life skills which can lead to a more happy and independent life.


With the guidance of a carefully and individually structured NDIS plan, we work with each participant to reach their goals in a patient and encouraging manner


Our support workers know how difficult some challenges can be, but we never forget that goals aren’t achieved without patience and understanding.


Our staff are passionate about providing high standards of care and working within strict Australian care codes, with a kind and understanding approach.


All our support staff have extensive knowledge and experience working with NDIS participants and clients.


All Komplete Abilities support staff hold a minimum of Certificate III Individual Support, as well as holding an NDIS and childcare clearance.

All our support workers have NDIS and Child Clearance certifications. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support your existing support, then don’t hesitate to give us a call to set up an initial meeting which is entirely free (many other companies charge for this service alone).


Can I choose my own carers?

Yes, absolutely. One of Komplete Abilities' main focuses is on allowing you to create your support team to match your NDIS goals and aims. We will work with you on this and advise which of our carers best matches your needs. Together we will find a carer and create a support team that everyone is happy with

Will I always get the same support worker?

Yes. Continuity is a major factor in NDIS participant’s progress and we always focus on those goals and aims as a priority. On the rare occasion when someone is sick or unable to work that day we will contact you in advance to let you know and supply the next best match for your needs

How do I trust someone to come into my home?

This is never easy for anyone, but at Komplete Abilities we aim to make this as easy as possible. All our carers go through a stringent screening process but all are highly experienced and have been part of the Komplete Abilities team for some time. All our carers are:

• Qualified
• Experienced
• NDIS Proficient
• Trained in First Aid & CPR
• Eligible to work in Australia
• Have undergone a police/criminal history check

Do you provide carers on holidays and weekends?

Yes, absolutely. All our services are provided 7 days a week for continuous support including weekends and public holidays

What happens if my needs change?

We will work together on any modifications or changes to your plan. Communication is key here to being aware of sudden changes. Most NDIS plans will change over time as participants learn more skills and gain more independent living so change is constantly monitored and somewhat expected as part of your support plan

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