A Bit About Komplete Abilities by Kyra Britton (Owner & Director)

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I have always had a passion for caring and assisting people to become independent. I grew up with a single mother that was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was just 6 years old. Whilst growing up I always looked after my mum, including assisting with medication, visiting the bathroom and attending medical appointments. I was given the opportunity at the age of 8 years old to have training from the MS Society to administer my mum’s medication and given information about my mum’s disability and what this meant for her future.

My Mum's determination to ‘keep going and not let her disability take over’ rather she focuses on her abilities and thrives to use that to her advantage to stay as independent and in control of her own life as much as possible. These were invaluable lessons I took into my own life and into Komplete Abilities.

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Helping and Caring

This life experience gave me the foundation that I wanted to continue to ‘help and care’ as my life's passion.
During high school for work experience at 16 years old I was given an amazing opportunity to work alongside my mum and neurologist Dr. Simon Koblar from Queen Elizabeth Hospital which taught me even more.
After finishing high school, I enrolled on my first course, little did I know this was the absolute start to an amazing career. I gain employment straight after having stayed with them for 10 years I gained so much experience and overcame so many obstacles.

I knew there was ‘more’ I could do, in 2019 I went out independently as ‘Kyra Abilities’ to work closely with families and children with disabilities.

Komplete Abilities is Born

In 2021 we became ‘Komplete Abilities’. We have a very close team of support workers who together have the same unified goal; to assist all participants to achieve their NDIS goals.

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Our Mission Statement

Komplete Abilities has a person-centred, holistic approach with a focus on increasing all our participant's abilities to live a fulfilling and more independent life.

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Komplete Abilities provides a service built on trust and we believe in long-lasting care relationships.

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