Respite Care & Short-Term NDIS Accommodation Services

Komplete Abilities can find short-term respite care for NDIS participants. This enables participants to take a break from their usual career whilst you or their regular career can also take a break. You can do this knowing that we only match participants with the perfect registered NDIS short-term care providers that provide this specialised service.

Do You Need NDIS Short-Term Respite Care in Adelaide?

At Komplete Abilities we are able to provide NDIS participants with short-term respite care.  Here are some of the following services they can provide:

  • Daily Community Activities
  • High Level of Care Support
  • Great Food and Routines
  • Fun Daily Activities

Multiple Locations Throughout Adelaide

Komplete Abilities can provide NDIS respite throughout Adelaide. Our job is to make sure that each participant's short-term stay is maximised during this time. This not only includes what each facility offers but also its accessibility and location. We want to maintain all pre-existing levels of support and care regardless of a change of location to ensure no disruption to each participant's progress in achieving their NDIS goals.


Quality Respite Accommodation With A Passion For Caring

Our support workers and coordinators will make sure that the short-term respite care exactly matches the requirements of each NDIS participant. This also means ensuring that the accommodation is accessible, in great condition and with great facilities. As well as giving great access to parks, beaches and local attractions, participants can expect:

  • 24/7 care in a clean living environment
  • Medication schedules strictly adhered to
  • Up to 6 meals a day
  • Participation in activities, games and hobbies
  • Personal care like showering, using the toilet and dressing are provided (if required)


Benefits Of Short-Term Respite Care

Giving both the carer and participant a break is hugely beneficial. Time apart also allows the carer to have a break and the participant to experience different surroundings which can increase not only confidence but also help their overall independence by not feeling so dependent on their regular carer.

Komplete Abilities will ensure a perfect fit between each participant and the short-term respite care facilities meaning you can comfortably know that all their regular NDIS care support and progress will still continue.


Why Complete Abilities?

There are many reasons why so many families work with us all across Adelaide
Person-Centred Approach

Each NDIS plan is individually tailored to the individual, we treat each participant as an individual with no all-encompassing approach.

We Aim for Independence

One of the goals within our care is to identify and strengthen any skills each participant has, as well as teaching a range of crucial life skills which can lead to a more happy and independent life.


With the guidance of a carefully and individually structured NDIS plan, we work with each participant to reach their goals in a patient and encouraging manner


Our support workers know how difficult some challenges can be, but we never forget that goals aren’t achieved without patience and understanding.


Our staff are passionate about providing high standards of care and working within strict Australian care codes, with a kind and understanding approach.


All our support staff have extensive knowledge and experience working with NDIS participants and clients.


All Komplete Abilities support staff hold a minimum of Certificate III Individual Support, as well as holding an NDIS and childcare clearance.

All our support workers have NDIS and Child Clearance certifications. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support your existing support, then don’t hesitate to give us a call to set up an initial meeting which is entirely free (many other companies charge for this service alone).


What is NDIS respite care?

Under NDIS guidelines “respite care” is a service whereby carers can take a temporary break from their daily care duties. The time can be from as little as 1 day to several weeks, allowing for holidays etc. so that the regular carer can take some well-earned rest and recharge. This is an essential service due to the demanding nature of caregiving

Who is used to replace the regular carer?

At Komplete Abilities we only have experienced, trusted and qualified carers who are very knowledgeable regarding NDIS care plans. All our carers have incredibly high standards and have been through a very strict screening process. We will always match our most suitable carer to your loved one to make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible

Will the NDIS cover respite care expenses?

Yes, coverage for respite care is available under your existing care plan. Your existing NDIS plan may use terms like “assistance” or “short-term accommodation”. Your plans specific goals and needs will dictate whether this is available or included. To be sure, you can always check with your NDIS planner or Local Area Co-ordinator (LAC) for confirmation

Is respite care constantly available?

This depends on quite a few factors like having carers available, the needs and goals in your plan and having the right carer to match the needs of the participant. The further you can plan in advance, the more likely we are to be able to provide the best match when providing respite care

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