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Komplete Abilities provides a service built on trust and we believe in long-lasting care relationships.
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Komplete Abilities For NDIS Compliant Specialised Early Childhood Support Services In Adelaide

Personalised NDIS Home Care Support Services For Early Childhood


Komplete Abilities is a personalised care support company in Adelaide that specialises in NDIS home care support services for young adults. Our team has great experience in helping all our participants learn and develop along a tailored NDIS pathway enabling them to learn life skills and supporting them to be more independent in every way.

Komplete Abilities are here to help guide you through the NDIS support and services. We assist you to get the NDIS support services you are entitled to then we strictly adhere to those plans and recommendations with our qualified and trained carers support workers who specialise in young adults.

We Can Provide Support With:

Learning Personal 

Why Complete Abilities?

There are many reasons why so many families work with us all across Adelaide
Person-Centred Approach

Each NDIS plan is individually tailored to the individual, we treat each participant as an individual with no all-encompassing approach.

We Aim for Independence

One of the goals within our care is to identify and strengthen any skills each participant has, as well as teaching a range of crucial life skills which can lead to a more happy and independent life.


With the guidance of a carefully and individually structured NDIS plan, we work with each participant to reach their goals in a patient and encouraging manner


Our support workers know how difficult some challenges can be, but we never forget that goals aren’t achieved without patience and understanding.


Our staff are passionate about providing high standards of care and working within strict Australian care codes, with a kind and understanding approach.


All our support staff have extensive knowledge and experience working with NDIS participants and clients.


All Komplete Abilities support staff hold a minimum of Certificate III Individual Support, as well as holding an NDIS and childcare clearance.

All our support workers have NDIS and Child Clearance certifications. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support your existing support, then don’t hesitate to give us a call to set up an initial meeting which is entirely free (many other companies charge for this service alone).

Do You Need Help Understanding Your NDIS Support Entitlement? – Support Coordination

Navigating the government’s NDIS services and discovering what support you are entitled to and how to get it isn’t often that simple. It’s often easy to go down the wrong path, misunderstand some of the jargon and just get lost in what is after all a very complex and important subject. 

Komplete Abilities is here to help you get the specialised disability support you are entitled to in a quick and effective manner, enabling us to help all participants achieve a greater quality of life. Through Support Coordination we are able to assist you in getting the right support services and therapies in place. For many frequently asked questions please take a look here.

Personalised Approach To Care

We work alongside your NDIS goals in tailoring a personalised plan for all participants that are achievable and measured in actual real-world goals. We aim to help all our participants meet these goals and surpass and maintain them. Having this personalised approach to care makes it achievable and will reap long-lasting rewards far into the future.


Komplete Abilities Work To NDIS Plans And Guidelines in Adelaide

We have great experience working with the NDIS’s carefully created individual support plans. These recommendations are followed closely to help achieve the goals in the approximate timeline estimated for each participant. We will work closely with you and keep you updated as we provide care and if any changes are necessary we will advise on that and assist you with any changes to an NDIS plan.

Specialised Young Adult Support Workers

All our Support workers have the required NDIS clearance plus working with children clearance which is where we differ from many support agencies. All our 9-strong team are trained in first aid including CPR and manual handling. We specialise in early adults which sets us apart from other companies enabling us to focus and bring a higher standard of care to all our participants.


Carer Respite And Support Services

If you or your family are already providing full-time care there will undoubtedly come a time when you will need a break. It doesn’t matter how well you are doing or how good you are, there will always be a time when rest or other circumstances get in the way and some replacement care is needed on a short-term basis. We can provide that respite care in Adelaide's community allowing for valuable time away from the full-time day-to-day care currently being given.

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How do I choose an NDIS service provider?

Once you have an approved NDIS plan it’s important to understand the different budgets within it and who can help you with what parts. Ideally, you would choose an NDIS care provider that can fulfil all of the recommendations within your NDIS plan to make things easy.

You will be free to choose which parts of your plan you allocate your budget to in order to achieve your goals.

By choosing Komplete Abilities we will work with you and help you manage your plan effectively over time whether by providing all your support needs or just some. but discussing your plan with us in an initial consultation is completely free.

Hire the best disability Support in Australia today.
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Komplete Abilities provides a service built on trust and we believe in long-lasting care relationships.

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